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Apostamos na Sorte dos Outros – Jogos Santa Casa






Campaign proposal for an open call for Clube da criatividade Portugal.

Jogos Santa Casa is a brand that invests in health and culture in Portugal through money earned from bets.

The objective was to inform the brand’s audience, that all the bets made with the brand give back to areas such as culture, healthcare, sport, and many more in Portugal. This meant that one bet could have longevity, beyond just the act of betting itself.

The route chosen explored the concept of investing in other people’s luck. Betting with this brand, is creating a chain of sharing and giving, spreading the luck around the country for people who will benefit from the money from the bets. On this note, the slogan ‘Apostamos na Sorte dos Outros’, translates to we bet on other people’s luck. As one bet takes place, a chain of luck is unlocked. The campaign also aims to show a more personal side of the brand.

Using the clover as the luck symbol, the first element of the campaign is the creation of a mural of clovers in real time, collectively painted. The construction of this results in the main video for the campaign. This will acts as a face-to-face activation, creating attention.All these clovers symbolise a different story from different people who get lucky by receiving support generated from the brand.

‘We bet on the luck of others” is adapted for posters that share more personal stories, of those who benefit from good causes, showing how the brand invests in the luck of these people, that is, all bettors probably contributed to this beneficiary and can see it.