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Pisco Verde





Pisco Verde: a sustainable brand of organic cosmetics made in Portugal. Pisco Verde products are created by Rita Sales Lopes in Lisbon. The brand’s aim is to provide affordable eco-friendly products whilst bringing awareness to the importance of implementing eco-friendly practices into one’s daily life, leaning on values such as sustainability, empathy, and community. Knowing the impact that the brand wanted to have, the challenge was to have the brand look as local as possible. By analysing the brand’s goals and values I understood that having the logo look as crafty as her process of handmaking the cosmetics would make sense. After experimenting with different techniques and symbols, the final outcome resulted in a bird, symbolizing the brand’s sustainable mission being spread as it flew. The final typeface aligns with the craftness, inspired by antique typewriters. The tone of voice, written in Portuguese, is welcoming and friendly. The colours chosen are drier warm tones to evoque sustainability and natural elements, referring to the organic products used to create the cosmetics. The brand’s slogan “Ajude a proteger e a cuidar da Terra” translates to let’s help protect and take care of the earth. This was a very special project to work with as it aligns with my own personal values regarding sustainability.