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Refugee Olympic Team Identity






Laser Cut

The brief was to create a democratic identity for the Refugee Olympic team that represented their diversity and resilience, as well as inspiring younger generations to pursue their dreams. 

The response was a take on creating a strong culture of recognition for these athletes. Bridging what bridges the experience of a Refugee with being an athlete, the common ground is a moment of absolute strength, of almost giving up, pulling through, and finding joy in effort, also known as Peak Power.

Translating these feelings into graphic elements constitutes the identity by boldly representing diversity and visibility for the athletes to be recognized. 

Implementing the visual grammar into typography and pairing that with the vibrant colours with the aim of representing Peak Power.

Developing the concept of peak power further, the Law of Sports emerged from one of the athlete’s quotes: It’s the law of sports, when things get tough, we rise up.