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Waves of representation







Waves of Representation is a campaign developed to tackle the lack of representation of black women in the surfing world.

Upon researching and talking with black women surfers and surfing schools, one of the main reasons for the lack of representation of black women in surfing is the lack of financial support and not feeling welcome in the water.

The aim was to create something to raise awareness on the topic, as well as motivating action, ultimately diversifying how the global surfing community looks.

To break these barriers, the Waves of Representation campaign focuses on “Let’s Change Tides” – a funding programme created to provide surfing lessons, the comfort of a community and  financial support for black girls to be able to practice the sport.

As a partnership between Roxy, a surf brand that empowers women, and Black Girls Surf, a non-profit organisation that supports black girls in competitive surfing, the campaign would also receive donations from the public.

The campaign speaks through billboards with quotes from black women surfers, with an empowering tone of voice.

An additional touchpoint to this campaign is surfboards with these quotes, which would be placed in public spaces and through projection mapping, having the quotes showing at night.

The aim for this was to have an interactive element that involved technology, as well as placing representation on a physical object, making the concept less abstract, and more reachable.

The final outcomes – billboards, fundraiser website and surfboards, – are colourful, bold and positive. By creating continuous financial support and welcoming black women in surfing, the long term impact would result in the visible representation of these surfers in lineups. Whilst some of the girls in the programme would be part of the next generation of pro surfers, others would simply be able to feel welcome in a sport where they belong.