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World Cup Kits – Portugal




A refresh of the football kits for Portugal’s team in the 2022 World Cup.

The aim was to create kits that could connect with each portuguese person on a deep, cultural level. The theme explored is connected to Portugal’s rich history and relationship with the sea,
and other national symbols like the tiles, or Adamastor – a literary myth and legend. With this in mind, the intention was to create three distinct kit options with references to these national symbols. 

The first kit, Azulejo (meaning tile in portuguese) – is a representation of the tiles present throughout the country.The tiles have a big presence and are embedded in the country’s architecture.

It made sense to transport this symbol with such cultural value to the home kit, as it resonates and connects with the people, as well as exploring a graphic and modern take on the intricacy of each tile. The colours are referent to the flag’s colours, connected to the national teams world cup headline ‘Wear the flag’. 

The Away Kit, Maresia – is a reference to this unique word that describes the breeze, smell and freshness of the ocean. It is something close to Portuguese people, which made sense to include in this cultural collection.
The aim of the away kit was to take another symbolic element with the team on their kit in away games, encouraging that the identity, the support of the people and the values of the culture will travel from match to match.
The graphic detail explores the waves on the Portuguese pavement, known for the references to the maritime motifs.

The Alternative kit is a reference to Adamastor – a national legend in literature connected to sea history, and that embeds a story of bravery and daring to face the ocean. Choosing Adamastor was a conscious decision not only culturally, but also as a reference to the ambition that is football in facing obstacles and playing against them.